"Cooking Yield" calculates the quantity and unit conversion for cooking.

You want to cook the food for five servings, but the quantity of recipe is for two servings.
This calculation is easy?

Do not want to cook using recipes overseas?
However, can you easily calculate unit conversion?

"Cooking Yield" helps calculations used in cooking.

Primary function

(1) Changing yield(e.g. 2 servings -> 5 servings)
     - Volume
- Weight
- Tablespoon and Teaspoon
(2) Unit conversion
  - Cup size(200ml, 240ml, 250ml, 285ml)
- Volume(ml <-> oz, pint, quart, gallon)
- Weight(g <-> oz, lb)
- Tablespoon(15ml <-> 20ml(Australia))
- Temperature(Celsius(°C) <-> Fahrenheit(°F))
- Length(mm <-> inch)
(3) Combination of (1) and (2)


(1) Changing yield
     (a) Change "Recipe's yield" and "Required yield" on the settings screen.
(b) Enter the values you want to calculate on each screen.
(2) Unit conversion
  (a) Set the unit on the settings screen.
(b) Change the cup size or tablespoon size if necessary.
(c) Enter the values you want to calculate on each screen.

Difference of the world

Unit difference

In the world, there are many countries which have adopted the unit system of meter and kilogram.
However, the United States and Britain use different unit systems.
Moreover, the ounce (oz) of the United States and Britain differs in a value.
- oz(U.S) : 29.6ml
- oz(U.K) : 28.4ml

Difference of cup size
- Japan 200ml
- U.S 240ml
- U.K 285ml or 250ml
- Other 250ml

Difference of spoon size

Australia differs in the size of a tablespoon.

- U.S Teaspoon : 4.93ml(About 5ml)
Tablespoon : 14.79ml(About 15ml)
- Australia Teaspoon : 5ml
Tablespoon : 20ml 
- Other Teaspoon : 5ml
Tablespoon : 15ml

Difference of temperature 

e.g. 180°C is 356°F.

- U.S Fahrenheit(°F)
- U.K Fahrenheit(°F)
- Other Celsius(°C)



Supported Unvironment

Version 1.2.0
OS iOS 9.3 - 11
iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6s, 7, 8
Language English, Japanese
Price Free
Download App Store


(1) You can only enter a value in the range to be used in cooking. 
    Example 1, Tablespoon and Teaspoon are available 1/4 or more.
Example 2, Cup size is available 1/20 or more.
Example 3, Calculation result is rounded to 2 digits decimal point.
(2) Temperature and length are displayed only when units differ.