"WaCalendar" is a simple Japanese(Wa) Calendar Application.
There are lot of Calendar Applications in the world, but they cannot display Japanese Era, Normal Day Event, Anniversary and so on.
"WaCalendar" is the calendar which specialized in Japan.
This version can display from 2000 through 2030 year.

Let's try.

Primary functions

- Managing Schedule 
    Standard calendar event of iPhone is managed.
Multiple calendars can be displayed(e.g. Google Calendar, iCloud, and so on)
Background color of a calendar event uses color of the standard calendar application.
- Displaying Japanese Holidays 
  Japanese Holiday and its name is displayed.
e.g. Greenery Day
- Displaying Japanese normal day events 
  The normal day event well known is displayed.
e.g. White Day
- Displaying Birthday, Age and Anniversary 
  A birthday and an anniversary are displayed using the date of a "Contacts" Application.
The title of an anniversary uses the label of a "Contacts" application.
- Displaying Japanese Era 
  Japanese era is displayed.
e.g. Heisei 25
- Displaying Japanese style moon name 
  Japanese style moon name is displayed.
e.g. Mutsuki(January)
- Displaying Old Date(Lunisolar Date) 
  When a day is selected, old date is displayed.
- Displaying Six Labels 
  Six labels are displayed.
e.g. Taian
- Direct Month Selection 
  You can change displaying month directly.
- Selecting First day of week 
  First day of week can be selected.

* When multiple calendar is used(e.g. Google calendar or an iCloud calendar), please select in settings screen.
* If you want to create a new event, please change target calendar in "Add event" screen.

Screen shot


List of normal day event

The following events are displayed.

Jinjitsu(Nanakusa) no sekku Kagami biraki Bean Throwing Festival
Valentine's Day Valentine's Day Momo no sekku(Hina matsuri)
White Day April Fools' Day Mother's Day
Father's Day Summer Solstice Star Festival
Shuusen Kinenbi Disaster Prevention Day Choyo(Kiku) no sekku
Halloween Shichi go san Festival Winter Solstice
Christmas New Year's Eve Full MoonFestival
New Gibbous Moon    

Supported environment

OS iOS9.3 - iOS11
iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6S, 7, 8
Language English, Japanese

Type of WaCalendar

WaCalendar Lite
App Store
This is the free version which can use a basic function.
Advertisement is displayed on the lower part of a screen.
Free 1.6.0
App Store
This is a standard version which can use a basic function.
An advertisement is not displayed.
A screen can be widely used.
charge 1.6.0